Refiner's Fire (demo)

I wrote this song years ago after some traumatic seasons within my family.  I made this little rough recording to send to my band bc I decided to play live it at my upcoming show this Tues.  

I just thought that someone might need to hear it tonight so I'm sort of inviting you into my living room (because I just recorded this demo in my living room with my PJs on) to let you hear my genuine, raw, unfiltered heart.  We all go through times of trial and suffering that seems much like hell on earth.  This is just an encouragement that, though sometimes life seems unbearable, there is hope that somehow the hand of God will not only hold us through it, but also He will graciously change us into something much better than we were before.  We become better by being pressed further into the heart of God and knowing more of who He really is.  When everything is stripped away, He and His love remain....and THAT is gold.

After the fire, ashes.  After the ashes blow away, gold.

I'll talk more about this at my show, but I just felt let to go ahead and share this song for everyone who may being going through a hardship right now.  This song has continued to bring comfort to me in my struggles.  I hope that it will comfort you too.

Here are the lyrics...